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Nowadays, hair extensions are a rising trend item and V Hair Vendor could bring you the top high-quality products to enhance your beauty just with a click!

  1. V Hair Vendor’s Brand Leader Products

V Hair Vendor confidently can provide you with the best quality hair products. The company’s main products are Clip and Tape wigs. Products from V Hair Vendor always ensure quality, even when buying in large quantities, there are always certain promotions. Always have customer service before and after buying the product.

1.1. Clip-in hair extension

One of our company’s most popular standard goods, V Hair Vendor, is clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are defined as hair extensions that have been attached to natural hair with clips. Because they are small and light, these clips are useful for the user.

  • Origin: The clip-in hair extensions that V Hair Vendor sells are made of virgin remy hair so its appearance is straight, and natural-looking. “Virgin remy hair” is the term used to describe untreated, pure, long-lasting hair. The term “Virgin hair” is now all but forgotten. In the market, almost all Chinese hair factories said that they have virgin hai. It’s not truth. Even “human hair” they sell, it can be mixed with 50% synthetic and Nigerian clients are the ones who buy at large scale. If you still want the liar products from China, you can check how to import human hair from China to Nigeria that we wrote to help you decrease the risks.

  • Quality: Natural straight dark color clip-in hair extensions offer shine, strength, and lifespan since they are made with premium Vietnamese hair using advanced production procedures.
  • Color: Our clip-in hair extensions come in natural straight and dark tones ( from 1.0-7.0). * Be advised that we also color based on unique customer requests.
  • Weight: A bundle of straight natural hair Dark-colored clip-in hair extensions normally weigh around 100 grams. Depending on the length you choose, you normally need around 300 and 500g for one hairpiece.
  • Money Gram, Western Union, and bank transfers are just a few of the payment options available.
  • Shipping: Clip-in hair extension products will be sent by UPS, DHL, FEDEX, or AGENT.

1.2. Tape-in hair extension

Hair additions that are applied to natural hair are called tape-in extensions. The user may be unaware they are using hair extensions because of how light the tapes are. Now, it’s necessary for anybody who enjoys having long, thick, beautiful hair.

  • Virgin remy hair is used to create V Hair Vendor’s natural tape-in hair extensions. Untreated, pure, and durable hair is referred to as “virgin remy hair.” To guarantee that hair strands flow in a single direction, the cuticle is also still intact.
  • Quality: Premium Vietnamese hair and expert manufacturing techniques are used to create natural tape-in hair extensions featuring gloss, strength, and durability. If you want hair extensions, always choose natural tape-in hair extensions.

  • Color: You may keep our tape-in hair extensions in their natural color or colour them jet black if you like.

Please be aware that we have the right to alter colors to satisfy certain client requirements.

  1. V Hair Vendor’s Mission To Perform

V Hair Vendor was founded on the principle of putting customers first. Therefore, the company always focuses on policies to ensure the interests of customers when using V Hair Vendor’s products. The company has a clear policy on delivery, the time is usually 7-10 days, always ensures the delivery schedule, if there is any loss or damage, V Hair Vendor will take full responsibility. The company also has a return policy for unused goods within 3 days and has a good reason.

You can read all the reviews about hair factory in the world in a blog we wrote at our website V Hair Vendor – A Honest Factory You Can Trust

Or our official Flipboard  https://flipboard.com/@vhairvendor/hair-vendor-kvt8las7y

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